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A group of Candles at 'El dia de las velitas' in the Columbus School. Medellin, Colombia.

‘El día de las velitas’ Canceled at TCS

Andres Lopera, Discoverer Staff Writer
February 25, 2021

In the Columbus School the massive event of El día de las velitas (Candle Night), was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.    El día de las velitas is a very big event in The Columbus School....

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High School basketball team at the Armenia Binationals in 2019, where they lost the finals against Colegio Nueva Granada by 1 point.

First Semester of Basketball Season Canceled

Esteban Botero, Discoverer Staff Writer
February 16, 2021

 No sports season, no basketball, big losses. What’s next? The past six months have made the TCS basketball senior members lose their motivation to play because they have lost what was most important...

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“Social leaders” and citizens in Colombia face with violence everyday, but there is no sign of the TSC students caring about the topic. This issue has gotten worse during quarantine, with various cases of police brutality reported. “...we are not seeing social leaders being murdered around the corner because we live in el Poblado, but if we lived in el Choco or in Riohacha or in more rural areas, I think it would change,” TSC student Salome Beyer said.

Student’s Privilege Blinds Them From Reality

Isabelle Vergnaud, Discoverer Staff Writer
October 2, 2020

Indifference has been shown by the Columbus School students regarding the ongoing protests in Colombia after a police encounter that resulted in the death of a citizen.   After the case of police...

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TCS students using technology in the recently built high school library before the COVID-19 Pandemic. Students were able to dispose of this facility at any time before the start of social isolation in which they could use their computers alongside many other resources to facilitate their learning.

Technology’s Effect on Students Health during COVID-19 Pandemic

Miguel Restrepo, Discoverer Staff Writer
October 1, 2020

The exponential increment of the use of technology during virtual school and quarantine has concerned school directives as it could potentially threaten to harm the student’s mental health and well-being. TCS...

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Simón Sánchez, TCS 12th grade student, actively working at home during one of his breaks between classes. As class-time was reduced during the new distance learning schedule, most students, like Simón, use the longer breaks to finish up work that wasn’t completed during class. “I really appreciate the extra free time the school has given us with breaks, but I feel they have become more like X-blocks,” Simón said.

Directives Implement New Distance Learning Schedule

Isabel Mora, Discoverer Staff Writer
September 28, 2020

With the ultimate goal of reducing screen time, a new distance learning schedule was implemented by Middle School and High School directives starting September 14.  After consideration of feedback...

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Inflexion Memorial Park: A new way to Remember History

Juana Díez, Discoverer Staff Writer
February 13, 2020

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Photo from The Columbus School.
The Columbus School ́s renewed website. Where members of the community will be able to access the new tuition payment platform.

Virtual Revolution Arrives at TCS

Miguel Restrepo, Discoverer Staff Writer
February 9, 2020

The new virtual process for paying tuition, which will launch by the end of the 2019-2020 school year, is being developed by  The Columbus School’s secretaría academica and the technology department.  The...

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AP Calculus AB student Maria Pia Molina practices for her next test. Molina comments she is taking full advantage of the time before Passentino leaves to ask her any possible questions; she fears the future teacher won’t be able to assist her. “I think it's crucial to have a positive AP experience because it is kind of frustrating when you can’t identify your mistake and you can’t actually consult it with another person who knows more,” Molina said.

AP Calculus Students Facing Added Stress

Paloma Urrea Díez, Discoverer Staff Writer
September 13, 2019

The void that will be created by TCS AP Calculus teacher Gabriella Passentino’s 18-week maternity leave is causing stress and anxiety amongst the student population. A thorough search for the ideal...

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Burger master’s national logo. A sign of excitement for many.

Burger Master Run Continues

Pedro Jimenez R, Discoverer Staff Writer
May 16, 2019

The 3rd Burger Master begun this past April 29th in Medellin, bringing culinary experiences to the city along with an excruciating increase in the popularity of the event in relation to past years. The...

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Sebastian Uribe delivering the plates, right after his second loss in the game.

Massive Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament in TCS

Benjamin Vergnaud, Discoverer Staff Writer
March 5, 2019

A rock-paper-scissors tournament is held each Friday in the cafeteria by the eleven graders in The Columbus School. The loser must take a collection of plates and trays to the depositing area in what becomes...

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Books will be on sale on Candle Night, December 6, to raise money to support the Wayuu community in La Guajira.

Book Sale for La Guajira Returning for Candle Night

Mathias Echavarria, Discoverer Staff Writer
December 5, 2018

The highly successful book sale for La Guajira is returning on Candle Night, December 5, to raise more money to support the Wayuus and Guajira indiginous population. The books will be sold at stands...

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Students Showcasing Both Sides of Ford at Their ISP

Students Showcasing Both Sides of Ford at Their ISP

Samuel Vieira, Discoverer Staff Writer
June 12, 2018

Sebastian Arteaga and Pedro de la Roche took on one of the biggest car brands in Colombia, Ford, and decided to do their ISP with its dealership Vehiculos del Camino. Vehiculos del Camino is a Ford...

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