Human Rights Council Responds to Terror Act in China



Delegates of Yemen (right), Afghanistan and Iraq confer during lobby time.

Marianna Román, COSMUN News Writer

The Human Rights Council was presented with a crisis Thursday afternoon involving a belligerent anti-gay international crime organization, INTRO, an acronym for Islamic Gays, Negro Gays (African-American), Transgender, Radical Gays, Others.

According to reports, four individuals were arrested for murder in China after they were found responsible for the killing 27 Chinese citizens all across the nation. The the four individuals arrested were British, French, Somali, and American, who in court confessed to being members of INTRO.

The delegations within the committee agreed the consequences should follow the Chinese laws, as the crime occured on Chinese soil. China states that their laws will always persevere, but that the delegation will always have an open mind towards other delegations to come with propositions as long as they respect the Chinese laws and values.

“Chinese delegation must be respected so we must judge people according to our law and penalized from our law, because we are sure that if chinese people had made those actions in those countries, they would have been penalized as the country said, so why can’t China?” Simon Aristizabal, delegate of China, said.

Nations such as France, United Kingdom, United States, and Somalia argued that the consequences should follow international laws, and the laws of each of the criminal’s home country.

“This delegation will not allow one of its own citizens, to be judged in another nation under laws that are not ours, and we assure every single other delegation that he will receive what he deserves but in his own country,” Catalina Velez, delegate of France, said.

Russia agreed, stating that they should be judged in their own countries, and that no death penalties should be involved.

“This delegation is outraged by China, all delegations need to unite as an international community, because more than five countries that are involved and important to the community, dont think China should punish those criminals. If these were chinese citizens, China can punish them as they’d like. Just because they are part of the LGBT community doesn’t mean they deserve to be killed. When the religion interferes with human rights, that’s when it should be stopped,” Isabela Botero, delegate of South Korea, said.

Furthermore, the delegations of France and United States presented Working Paper 1.1.1, which did not pass. Russia and Saudi Arabia presented Working Paper 1.1.2. This paper also did not pass. After the reading and discussion of the papers, the delegates proceeded to read the opening speeches for Topic B.

“We can’t simply encourage other nations and support these rights, we need to take it further and take action, in this exact moment, to counterattack this belligerent group. This delegation wants to state and tell the international court and will not surrender against this group. Not only encourage and accept, take actions. They still live in a society of oppression, which is why the international court needs to do something now. ” Isabela Arboleda, delegate of the United States, said.