Friends: The One with the Movie


The one in which Friends launches a movie to celebrate with their fans for their 25th anniversary and Friends is going out of Netflix.

Valentina Velez, Discoverer Staff Writer

As a celebration for their 25th anniversary, Friends released a movie that contained the most popular episodes of the series for their fans to watch in cinemas. The show was created by the David Crane/Marta Kauffman duo and starred Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer. It was first released in 1994, and the protagonists were a group of friends living in New York City: Rachel Greene, Monica and Ross Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, and Phoebe Buffay. The show portrayed their daily lives and romantic disasters. Even though it ended in 2004, it is still in great demand from both young and old. Friends’ characters and plot help the public relate to what is happening to the characters and it has a tendency to find the funny side to every situation, making the audience have a good time. 

This group is characterized because of their tendencies to do unusual things and with their unique personalities create disasters. Ross many divorces, Phoebe gatting married with a gay man, Joey who is not able to settle down or his battle between food and women, Chandler`s relationship with Janice and much more others. On the contrary, the series Star Trek: The Original series stars James T. Kirk as commanding officer of the USS Enterprise, Spock as first officer and science officer, Leonard McCoy as chief medical officer, Montgomery Scott as chief engineer, Uhura as communications officer, Pavel Chekov as navigator and security/tactical officer, and Sulu as helmsman. This group is recognized for their teamwork when working on their missions. Because the characters in Friends are more relatable than the ones of Star Trek to the public’s day to day life, it creates a much more comfortable and engaging environment to the public’s eyes. This environment is created by the way these characters express their challenges and experiences as comical.This is why Friends, even though it is old, still attracts public both from people who were born when the series first started and those who were not. 

Important scenes of the series are subjective to each individual, but there are some scenes that are iconic. One of them is the episode in which Ross marries Emiliy, but at the same time shows his feelings for Rachel in a powerful way that only they can pull off. In Star Trek: The Original series important scenes become important because of the cultural change and perspective change it creates, such as the scene in which they say that a computer could replace Kirk as a captain if it works successfully. In the same way Star Trek makes more impact in society advancements and perspective while Friends makes impact in personal lives, which is more important because society is always changing but the impact this serie makes on a personal level is forever. 

Crane, Kauffman and Brigh desrive this serie as, “It’s about sex, love, relationships, careers, a time in your life when everything’s possible. And it’s about friendship because when you’re single and in the city, your friends are your family.” Which is why, considering that the series is old still attracts young public. Some ideas and Themes in Star Trek: The Original Series that stand out are:  Dangers of automation, war and colonialism. Star Trek`s themes, or at least one of them, gives the public a glimpse of the future, while in Friends the themes are more common and catch the attention of many others, mostly those who are still figuring out parts of their lives.

“The theme tune says “I’ll be there for you”, and for young viewers it is always there for them, available in back-to-back episodes on streaming services such as Netflix,” BBC said. On the other hand, Star Trek: The Original series revolves around the adventures of James Kirk in the 23th century and his team, the U.S.S Enterprise who are set to explore the galaxy. While Star Trek has a more fantastic and unrealistic approach of the world, Friends engages in a very realistic showcase in a more subtle and enjoyable way. It makes you want to  burst into laughter so hard that you will end up watching it more than once. 

This Hilarious series will light up your days, not only because of its internal jokes, but because  it makes you feel at ease. Many aspire to have a group of friends as they show in this series, more than friends they are family. Family not only to each other but also to their audience. 



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