HS Girls Futbol Team Prepares For Upcoming ACCAS Tournament


Girls soccer team practicing on a Thursday after classes.

Sofia Gaviria, Discoverer Staff Writer

Not a single square of the field is visible. The fog has covered everything and the cold creeps through the bones. The players are summoned to the field by the coach at 6:03 am, where they pick up the footballs and move them around the field. The only sounds are the players’ rapid breathing while steam emanates from their mouths, as their breathe is dispersed in the atmosphere. As well as the futbol cleats are inked stamp-like on the lawn.

The High School Girls futbol team has been practising since August to defend their championship from the ACCAS Tournament played last semester in Cali from last semester also known as Binationals. Five teams will compete against one another, including Colegio Nueva Granada (CNG) and Bolivar, who are waiting for a rematch with TCS at the upcoming ACCAS competition. Which will take place from November 15 to 19 at The Columbus School.

Although in the 2019 Binationals competition, there were more teams invited to participate, it was very different from the ACCAS tournament from this past semester when the different schools were divided into regions: El Eje Cafetero and La Costa. This year, however, we are able to return to normalcy and be open to any ACCAS school that is willing and interested in competing.

“Bolivar from Cali and Colegio Nueva Granada (CNG) from Bogota are two of our greatest rivals who we already know to be formidable and that we have consistently met during the years,” Team Captain, Senior Paulina Alvárez, said.

Returning to training after the pandemic for two years was difficult for the team, they had to get back to their game and routine immediately, in order to compete in the imminent Binationals. They initially began working out three times a week along with participating in friendly matches with local teams every 15 days. Among these opponents are the TCS graduates from past years, who defeated 2-1, and Inder de Medellin, to whom they lost 2-1.

The lack of real play during the pandemic had a significant negative impact on training motivation and participation within the team. In addition upon returning to normalcy, the team had been downsized to approximately 15 players, instead of approximately 20 players.  The team has shown remarkable excellence in several games, taking into account that during the semester their performance over training was a little decayed and the commitment to attendance was very shallow.

“Due to some of the girls’ lack of motivation, some who didn’t even want to return to Poli Deportivo, it certainly has been strange to come back.” Head Coach Hernán “Chapo” Arango said.

The team is participating in the Copa Nosotras Tournament, which begins on October 22 and concludes on November 26th. The Poli Deportivo de Itagui and Indesa Norte in Sabaneta are the venues for the tournament. There are two 25-minute halves during the matches. The team is in the group stage with three other schools, including Cumbres, who they defeated 2-1, Bello Futuro, who they defeated 6-0, and UPB who they defeated 3-0. The team finished in third place last semester after losing on penalties to the eventual victor Concejo de Itagüí in the semi-final.

This semester, they hope to avenge the well-known loss, together with acquiring more experience for the forthcoming competition. Playing in the highly competitive Copa Nosotras Tournament on Saturdays has aided the team in reaching the level required to compete in the upcoming binationals tournament against all the teams.

“As it is extremely different to play for points than to play for, one prepares by competing rather than attempting to play friendly matches, and that tournament has a very high quality of the game because it is about the same particular level that we will be playing,” Arango said.

Two weeks before the tournament, the women’s soccer team practised four times a week. On Wednesday mornings before school and in the afternoons after school, for a duration of 90 minutes for each session. They also continue playing in the weekend matches in the Copa Nosotras Tournament. The TCS women’s soccer team defeated the Bolivar soccer team during the most recent competition, which took place in Cali in March 2022. Bolivar isn’t the only team competing in the tournament; Karl C. Parrish (KCP), Fundacion Liceo Ingles (FLI), Panamericano and Colegio Nueva Granada (CNG), who finished in second place, are also participating. 

“When we travelled to the Binationals in Cali, we beat Bolivar at their home court, therefore we are anticipating a certain counterstroke and that they will come looking to beat us at our home court,” Senior volante Valentina Garces said.

“We will soon be facing some very formidable and competitive opponents who have historically over the years been our competitors. Although I believe we are well-prepared for Binationals, I am a little uneasy because they have managed a very competitive level,” Senior Helena Hoyos said.