TCS High School Boys Volleyball Team Aims for Gold at Copa Columbus

The Columbus School high school Boys Volleyball team intensifies the training for Copa Columbus, which will take place during the first week of April.


Sara Botero V., Discoverer Staff Writer

From the hands of Jaime Velasquez, the school’s volleyball team is training since the beginning of the year to prepare for Copa Columbus. This requires a lot of dedication from the team.

“Since January I have been training the Volleyball team in order to do great in Copa Columbus,” stated Jaime Velasquez High School Volleyball Coach.

Preparing for Copa Columbus demands a lot from both Coach Velasquez, and the team captain Juan Penagos, in order to succeed in the cup. It is played at the Columbus School Campus and other schools at a national level come to play games.

“Copa Columbus is something very important for the school, it has been a tradition since many years ago and many schools come to our school to play the tournament,” said Jaime Velasquez High School volleyball coach.

When the date is getting closer to Copa Columbus the train gets intensified now that the team has to have a lot of discipline and stay after school in poli deportivo 4 times per week in order to be well prepared when the tournament starts.

“Since January until April the team needs to work harder, the train becomes much more difficult and demanding for them in order to feel confident when the game start,” stated Jaime Velasquez High School Volleyball Coach.

During Copa Columbus other schools from medellin come and play not only volleyball but soccer, and basketball. The teams arrive to the Columbus School to play for the coup both feminine and masculine.  

“Each year more than 20 teams arrive to our school. It makes me very proud to know how hard the team has worked in order to stand out during the games. Not only volleyball my area, but soccer and basketball,” Said Jaime Velasquez High School Volleyball Coach.

Previously they started a competition with alumni in order to practice and train playing matches. Also during their train they practice technique, and attacking which are very important elements during a match.

“We need to practice how to attack and get better with our technique now that our coach’s goal is for us to do very good when playing matches. We have alumni coming to play some games also and this will help us when playing real important matches like the ones in Copa Columbus, “ said Santiago Gonzalez volleyball team member.

Freddie Badillo The Columbus School sports coordinator has seen a nice job and a great improvement from the volleyball team.

“The boys volleyball team have had wonderful tournaments by going all the way to the semi-finals, I have seen a lot of improvement and dedication,”  Stated Freddie Badillo Sports Coordinator.