12th graders going through a rough patch


11 th grade team celebrating a goal VS 12th grade team

Santiago Trujillo, The Discoverer Staff Writer

12th grade soccer players seemed to be passing through a rough patch, they have lost two games in a row, with a result of not being called for more tournaments.

For being clear in High School there are two teams one of 12 grade and the other one from 11 grade and two grades  more. In the last month there was an exciting tournament in the TCS, with a winner, expected by the coach Urbano Mesa but unexpected by the public. Those of the minor grade were victorious in the Columbus Cup, ridiculing those of12th grade.

“It was an exciting game, this semifinal was full of public and the game gave important moment until the last minute of the game finally, we went to penalties and your team stayed with the victory” Santiago Velez said. (12th grader student)

Finally, the 12th graders accepted the loss and valued all the effort that all the smaller players had made because in reality they saw more of the dedication that they had previously and how they prepare for this tournament.

“No, I was talking with them and they accept that the little kids know to play really good, and that the thing that differ them from them is that their team is more solidary and they play more as a team, so they have accepted” Urbano Mesa Stated. (TCS soccer coach)

After all these events, the results were that no other tournament was going to play more than the 12th grade, the school was going to be represented football only by those from 11th grade down.

“ I am not going to put 12th graders in more tournaments, Copa columbus was their last tournament, 11th graders and all the other grades are the ones that would be bring together because are the ones that would last longer in the school and in the team”  Urbano Mesa Said. (TCS soccer coach)

The greatest advantage of the 11th grade team is that as a team they understood each other very well, speaking of individualities, the 12th grade team was much better, but finally they depended only on them and the other team was fully managed in a group.

“ Obviously, all that team has a lot of individually persons, and that was a constant headache, teaching them to play as a team was really difficult and finally the couldnt do it, they depend on few persons” Urbano Mesa replied.

Finally, they were in this bad patch because they do not know what a team is, they do not work as a team, and they do not understand each other as a team, and all this is the basis for forming a great team.

“They don’t have a clear problem, the thing is that they don’t work as a team they have individual persons that play really good and that’s not the concept of a team. “ Finally Urbano Mesa stated.