The Cerrejon Mines

Nicolas Mejia, Contributor

This is one of the many mines that are in Cerrejon which is located in the northern part of Colombia and it is the biggest open pit, coal mine in the world. It is  owned by massive corporations from multiple continents. There are multiple things that are affecting the environment due to the coal mining here in El Cerrejon, such as: water waste, air contamination and deforestation.

According to their website they only use 17 m liters, but other say they use 35 m liters. Air contamination is that when they mine a terrible dust is produced and it is very bad for health and they use water to lower it but doesn’t really work. A solution for this is peaceful protest so that the indigenous communities can present their solutions,  and public debate about these issues. This will allow for both sides to be heard, benefitting both sides.