Plastic Problems in La Guajira


Britta Kathryn Mc Carthy

Paulina Escorcia, Contributor

This is the desert of La Guajira and this is not the only one that is like this. Plastic  is what is contaminating La Guajira. One of the solutions is to recycle to make new creations, not only for the environment but for the Wayuu tribe, because the new creations can help their lives. The creations would be for their houses in one part. This plastic also causes harm to the people that live in those communities. This makes me sad to see in the  community that the Wayuu live like this. They need to change this. It’s bad that they live like they live this but it’s also their obligation to change this. Another solution would be collect and save the plastic for the future for something they need urgently because if it would stay there, it would hurt the environment and them.