Mountains of Paper Gone to Waste


Ana Maria Jaramillo

Empty bags of photocopy paper lie on the floor of the TCS high school office. Ecolumbus is implementing a recycling project to reduce the amount of paper used by the school.

by Ana Maria Jaramillo

Ecolumbus, the committee responsible to improve the campus environment,  is implementing a new project to reduce the amount of paper wasted at  The Columbus School.

After printing 1,300,322 sheets of paper last year, Ecolumbus decided to reduce the amount of paper by assigning an ID to each student and teacher in order to be used

when printing. The ID’s purpose is to track the  amount of paper printed by each individual. This way everybody can be aware of how much paper is used specially teachers.

”There is such a large amount of paper being wasted and a big part of it is because teachers don’t pay attention when they are printing. They probably really need to print 20 copies and they print 200 and all of those 180 are thrown away.” Hector Londoño, Ecolumbus member, said.

The school wastes huge amounts of money each year, because according to the Ecolumbus committee  teachers miss use paper .Héctor Londoño and Juan Fernando Mesa (both heads of Ecolumbus) collect the information gathered. They state that some assignments can easily be  uploaded to the internet.

“I have been working with Ecolumbus for over a year now and I have seen the amount of paper used by teachers, I don’t understand why teachers can’t just upload things to the internet instead of wasting paper.” Carlos Loaiza, Ecolumbus 12th grade student, said..

Many schools around the world have a goal to become eco friendly. Recycling campaigns have started to take care of missed used paper in schools.  

“Our goal this year is to reduce the amount of paper used almost by half of what it was last year, if we make people conscious of the amount of paper that each wastes I am certain that the use of printing will drop drastically.” Mr Londoño stated.